Photography Service Pricing

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Candid feature Book

This is a candid photo book that I will put together from candid moments of someone or a families personal life. These are very limited to people whom I photograph on a regular basis and will allow me to collaborate to add some more photo shoot photos.

I take these photos to create amazing moments, but the effort to then produce a book does take lots of time, and consistency, I would like to provide these photos to you for free but it would take me many hours to do this.

I charge 10.00 per hour working to collect and edit the photos, along with making the book. but there is also the cost of the book depending on the size.

For example: (10.00 * 5) = 50.00 for my work on the photos

the cost of printing the book will be from 30.00 - 50.00

making the final price between 70.00-100.00 per book created.

Photographing your family, or a single person

I use photography to capture realistic moments in life, and the most special photos are those taken when people are not focused on the picture process, I would be happy take you or your families photos, but they would be produced in the style of my photography.

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